Loving Homes Found

Could you become a foster carer?
Please contact us for more information if you have any interest in this most rewarding volunteer role.

Kittens are usually quite easy to find homes for but the older cats seem to remain with us for much longer. A couple of notable older cats finding homes last year were Hobo, a middle aged female who had been wandering the streets for a long time. She was affectionate when she wanted to be but also liked to give a gentle nip on occasions. She was with us for over 12 months as she seemed to take a dislike to all potential adopters. That is until a very cat experienced mature couple decided that they would like to give her a chance. She took to them almost straight away and now lives the life of luxury.

Then there was Chester, a handsome ginger and white long haired cat who was originally one of our kittens but his first owner died when he was 4 years old. He has landed on his feet and lives the life of Riley in his new home.

Special thanks go to one of our fosterers who has hand reared many kittens during, some only days old when they came to us because their mothers had either died or gone missing. Just imagine all those two hourly feeds.

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